Completed in May 2010, IMG_0306-projcommthe Hastings District Councils Sports Park Stadium was the largest single construction project in Hawkes Bay during 2009-2010. The piling and Precast concrete contracts valued at $1.7million were finished within time and budget. Piles were 900mm and 1200mm diameter cast insitu over the entire site to transfer loads to shingle bearing material at 5 metres depth. A combination of vibratory and boring equipment was used to sink and excavate the piles in challenging ground conditions.

IMG_0141-projcomPrecast concrete components make up most of the structure with the exception of in situ casted floor toppings. Columns weighing 20 tons were cast at the factory, transported to site, erected and grouted to the foundations. Tolerance of only 3mm between these columns and the roofing bolts required careful detailing and quality control in the factory and during erection on site.

Raker Beams are attached to the columns using similar grouted ducts. Various sizes of panels with architectural detailing fit between the columns at ground level. Prestressed bleacher units to seat 2500 people sit atop the raker beams. Main access stairs are also precast concrete.


Here’s what Gemco Construction had to say about Latteys and their involvement with the project:

Gemco Construction have worked closely with Lattey Civil Engineers Ltd on many projects, the most recent being the Hawke’s Bay Regional Sports Park Grandstand. This particular project had many challenges related to the trades that Lattey’s specialise in and they performed them Stadium-004proj-commexceptionally well. Piling work was carried out in atrocious weather conditions but it was completed on programme. The quantity, size and intricate shapes of all the precast elements was a real test of their capability and ability, in relation to the preparation of accurate shop drawings, precise manufacturing and timely delivery, completed by on site erection to meet programme deadlines. I am pleased to say that all work was carried out to tight time frames and to extreme tolerances.

The results speak for themselves in that the overall product and finish is one of the best you will see. A huge benefit with using Lattey’s is that they have all the right machinery on hand to enable safe and efficient handling of large and heavy components. On the rare occasion an issue arose between the interface of their trades and on site work Lattey’s always promptly responded to and amicably worked through to enable minimum disruption, both on and off site. The team at Lattey’s is extremely competent, knowledgeable and they are willing to share this knowledge whenever they can. They are pleasure to deal and work with. I have no hesitation in recommending them for any Precast or Piling project. Ashley Hartley, General Manager, Gemco Construction Ltd.