IMG_0837-projarcLatteys were selected to fabricate and erect columns stairs and panels for Hawke’s Bay’s flagship Opera House. The extensive upgrade was completed in 2007 to unite the municipal buildings on one side with an Italian inspired piaza on the other. The result is an iconic building that is one of New Zealand’s premiere performing arts, conference and events centres.

IMG_0843-projarcHawke’s Bay Opera House 2The architect’s brief contained intricate design elements with a focus on quality without compromise: “It has to be perfect, without cost constraint”. This was translated into components of an exceptional finished standard that were consistent throughout the structure.

IMG_0827-projarcColumns were cast with an eye-catching green tinted concrete, polished and sealed in the factory. The columns were transported and erected on site with special care to achieve a perfectly clean finish with no visible repairs to propping holes. Panels weighing up to 27 tons, similarly coloured, were ground and polished before lifting off the table. Hawke’s Bay Opera House 1Extreme care was taken to prevent damage during lifting, transport and erection. The stairs presented a challenging design component, including a three dimensional curve and rebates for carpet to produce a seamless finish.