Lattey Civil & Precast aims to provide services and products that fully conform to the client’s contractual and regulatory obligations. Put simply – we strive to get it right first time and on time. We guarantee that the completed project that we deliver will meet or exceed all client performance and quality requirements. Every worker is aware of our quality requirements and commitments. Importantly, our staff takes pride in the work they do. This builds quality into every task performed.

Because every project is unique, our quality management system is dynamic.  Quality checks are project specific. For example, prior to casting we produce a check sheet that requires staff to analyse and review a task, not simply tick a box. In addition to the summary check sheet, a copy of the drawing is attached with the relevant dimensions highlighted. Casting may only proceed when this pre-pour Quality Assurance (Q.A.) has been completed.

Our Q.A. system includes checking procedures for releasing or de-moulding, and extends to storage, handling, loading, onsite hand-over and installation. Everything we do has a quality component, and therefore a corresponding Q.A. procedure. We employ an effective review process to continually develop and improve our Quality Management System.